Who We Are?

We are team of experienced professionals managing the first Escape Rooms MULTIPLEX that opened in Bulgaria “MENTALIST” were on 350 m2 the customers can choose between 6 different games.

We opened our first room in 2014 and during the years we have already gone through all the stages, from searching for ideas and premises to testing the quest and bringing it to the market.

For different partners, we have developed mobile escape rooms for team buildings, rooms with demonstrative purposes suitable for malls or different events, conceptions for cinemas and party centers

Installed Puzzles
Minutes played
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What we offer?

We design unique and highly challenging Escape Room Games.
You can choose the theme from the ones we have already designed or we can custom make one for you.

01.Rent a Room

You have a hotel, party center, cinema or similar business? You want the empty, dirty and unused room to bring a profit? Do not want to invest in additional equipment, furniture or employees!
This option is for you!

02.Buy a Room

You plan to start your own Escape Room business? You’re looking for want a professionally made game by one of the market leaders? Need Know How about this business?
This option is for you!

Our Team

Kalin Kostov


As Founder and CEO I am in charge for the Strategic development and New markets.   Background: Master’s degree in Marketing from University of National and World Economy – Sofia and “Management” degree from The Open University. Graduated with highest score from Founder Institute Bulgaria. Over 15 years of experience in financial service market, 8 of them on a CEO position

Kalin Kostov


I am Andrey Georgiev

Co Founder

As Co-founder and CTO I am focused on the process of game designing and development as well as the theme’s mix. Video and photographer by heart, I am also in charge for creating all photos, video materials and web design, as well as the games content of Mentalist. Background: Master’s degree in finance from New Bulgarian University. Over 13 years of experience in financial service market, 6 of them on a management positions 6 years of experience in Video and Photography.

Andrey Georgiev

Co Founder

I am Teodora Gerdjikova


COO of Mentalist and the latest addition to the team. In charge of turning your least lucrative space into a cash maker, setting you up with a franchise or giving you the possibilities of collaborations for brands, entertainment vendors, hotels and HR. Background BA in Political Science and Economics from McGill Universtiy with international experience from Canada, US, Greece and the Netherlands. 9 years of experience in biz dev, client management and marketing with companies like Uber, Motivo Labs (ABM), Aifos, Upnetix

Teodora Gerdjikova


I am Emil Iliev

The Illusion Master

Head of escape game design, theme development, puzzle development and game pacing.
Supervisor of creation of escape game mechanics and electronics.
Writing escape game narrative, descriptions and hints.
Conducting escape game tests.
Collage degree in Software Engineering from Fontis University in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
5 years of experience in development and QA of mobile games.
Emil is in the escape room business for two years, since the beginning of the genre in Bulgaria. For that time he created more then 9 concepts for escape rooms and lots of temporary urban games.
Emil Iliev

Emil Iliev

The Illusion Master

Emil Iliev

The Illusion Master

I am Aneliya Ivanova

The Dungeon Master

As Head of Art department I am responsible for environment design, furnishing, immersion in the game, theme development, historical accuracy.
Design of visual materials in the games, puzzle visual aspects.
Training of game masters
Manager of board game club and events
Masters degree in History of Art, National Art Academy, Sofia
PhD Student in History of Art, National Art Academy, Sofia
7 years of experience with board games and books
Puzzle and visual designer for lots of urban games and escape games.
Event organizer for urban, board game, pop-culture and cultural events for more than 10 years.
Aneliya Ivanova

Aneliya Ivanova

The Dungeon Master

Aneliya Ivanova

The Dungeon Master


The Clinic

Operation “Delta Fox” – Task Force

Operation “Delta Fox” – Terrorists

The curse of the Thracians 

Prison Break

Ninja Academy

17419091 - eye behind hole in the wall

What You Need to Know before to start your own Escape Room Business?

Escape rooms are business of attraction. To be successful you must be different. You must be more attractive. You must be more hospitable. This business, like any other, can be good or bad depending on several factors: we deliver great tricks, puzzles and games, then it is up to you to find great staff, promote and advertise locally, cut costs and maximize revenues

Our team will be with you through the whole process.

Key factors

3 rooms average







How to open your own Escape Room?

The answers of the following points will take you through the entire process – from the initial idea to your first profits.

Do your research.

Starting a business is a big step. It’s an investment of time, money, patience, and . . . did we mention money? Before you jump in and start spending, it’s important that you learn everything you can about the industry

Business plan

Planning is an essential part of a business development process. We know you’re eager to get started, but – as with any business – a thorough business plan is critical to success.


Rent is going to be one of the major fixed costs. Location often does have significant impact on success of your business. You need some research before you can decide on location.


HR is probably the most under-estimated challenge you are going to face. You need not only to hire best staff…


It’s another important step of planning your own Escape Room. Do you want to be original and take risks? Or would you prefer to choose something proven?


In most of the countries there are no special laws and regulations governing Escape Rooms. However, some countries may have strict regulations especially when you are locking people in a room with no alternative exit.

29711529 - keyhole in wall with drawing business concept




Personal contact is very important for us. That’s way as a first step we propose to have a meeting to learn more about you, your ideas and plans. After that we will be more helpful in our services. We can do it face to face or trough video call using Skype, Viber, or other application.


Confidentiality agreement and deposit payment

It is important for both parties not to disclose information. Therefore, as step two, we recommend signing a “Confidentiality Agreement”. With it, both parties agree that they will not disclose details of their third-party work.
Together with signing the ” Confidentiality Agreement”, a deposit payment is required to guarantee your willingness for common work.


Final choose of theme and contract signing

Before to sign a cooperation agreement, you need to make your final selection of theme. You can choose from the already prepared ones presented on this site, or we can create a new one for you.
The themes as well as all other details, are described in a contract that the parties write down.


Final payment and game installation

After the final payment is done, we will provide you with all the plans, drawings, and instructions that are required to install the game


Mentalist is one of the ten companies awarded in third edition of the competition


Team creates an Escape room only for 48 hours!

Mentalist in 24 hours


The summer has come and everyone is looking for a new and unforgettable holiday emotions. It is believed that a Thracian tomb appeared in the middle of Sofia. Is this joke or another fun of the Mentalist?

Mentalist in “Customer basket” on BNT


What are the Escape Rooms?

The idea of Escape Rooms is to recreate the popular computer games from the end of the last century in a real life with real decors

Mentalist to Boom and Bust – Bloomberg TV


Bulgaria’s Mentalist to launch its first escape room for kids


“Walltopia” enters into the Escape Room business.

“There is something exciting about not know what it awaits you, but to want to get to it, and there is no age limit for that aspiration.”

– Ivaylo Penchev in front of Dnevnik


Escape Rooms 2.0

Business with wholesale fun!



The start-up business in which a Bulgarian company is a global innovator